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Join our Franchise program to start your own Vending Machine business.

This is the most flexible business that fits your lifestyle, perfect for those of you who want to keep it small as a side business while maintaining your current job until you are ready to go full time.

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Let's start a vending machine business

We provide the best of both worlds for people who want to start a Vending Machine business, but also keep their current job until they are ready to become full-time entrepreneurs.

Suitable for those of you who want to start a business with limited capital

Payback within 24 months

It only takes 2 hours per week to refill the product

You will get marketing & sponsorship assistance from Smartven and Ichitan

Vending Machine Advantages

ichitan machine

Operates 24 Hours

Simple & Fast

Do not need to be self operated

Operates 24 Hours

Simple & Fast

Do not need to be self operated

Products that can be sold

ichitan coffee
ichitan greentea
ichitan coconut mango
ichitan teh tawar
emina cheese bbq
emina cheese stick
emina sosis pizza
emina sosis
cup noodles tom yum
cup noodles ayam
cup noodles beef
cup noodles seafood
cemcem keju panggang
cem cem makaroni
cem cem pilus balado
joa yo
biskies vanilla
myroti coklat
biskies new.png
myroti pandan
myroti steam cake
elleair alcohol wipes

Steps to Start a Vending Machine Business

Schedule a Consultation

Find Location

Install Machine and Start Business

Testimonials from Franchisee

Let's Start the Ichitan Vending Machine Franchise with Us


Rainer Liem

Vending Machine Owner at Grha Kedoya Hospital

"Very easy to use for both the consumer and the owner"

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Brand Manager Syca Official

Attractive offer proposals  lots of experience handling many brands to create custom vending machines,  There has never been a vending machine for local brand beauty, so it is very well directed.


Calculation of Return on Investment (ROI)



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