Earn cash Vending location referral program

You help us place a vending machine, we take care of your commission.

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We are looking for 10,000 locations

Unlike other location referral programs that offer a one-time commission or require long-term contracts, ours pays out on every successful referral - no matter how many times they refer!

We're always looking for great locations with high foot traffic so sign up today and start making money! 

Smartven partners are paid cash commission on all new location referrals,
which means that you'll get paid when we place a machine in your location! 

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It's location, location, location... for vending machines!

We are looking for spots in public spaces like offices, hotels, hospitals, factories, apartments, schools, and shopping malls for our vending machines.

Our vending machines are everywhere, with one in every office building. Today vending machines don't just dispense sodas or candy bars, you'll find them dispensing everything from hot food to cigarettes to phone chargers! 

Turning your location into vending machine gold! 

Smartven is a vending machine company that provides its partners with the opportunity to make money by referring locations for our vending machines.


We offer low-cost solutions for offices, hotels, hospitals, factories and other public spaces like schools and universities.

Smartven is an innovative company that has been in business since 2017. We provide the highest quality products from leading vendors such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Mayora, Ichitan, Sosro, many others.

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Your location, our machines

We offer a variety of services of the highest quality to our customers. These services include equipment installation, supply delivery, on-site repairs, data collection and analysis programs.

It's easy-to-use, and has incredible benefits for your employees and guests. Serving 24/7 with variety of your choice!

You'll get all the benefits of our service without having to invest in costly infrastructure or complicated contracts.

This means you don't have to worry about any of the logistics or equipment - we take care of everything!

We never stop looking for new locations.
You know where to find us when you've found the next great spot.

Here are a few simple steps to join our referral program: 

Drop us a message

You can reach us with a short email to info@smartven.biz, or call us at +6282124541956

Sign Referral Agent Agreement

The agreement will cover all aspects such as non-solicitation, payments, and deliverables.

Start Referring locations

The amount of the referral bonus will depend on the number of referrals sent and the number of machines purchased and placed.

Earn cash with our location referral program 

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Property Manager & Agents

We're always looking for great location partners, so please contact our location referral team at info@smartven.biz 
if you've got an extra space with high foot traffic.

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Property owners

Your location, our machines.
Let us know if you have space available for a vending machine, and we'll set up your account today!