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Take Your First Step to Entrepreneurship with Smartven

Smartven: Kunci untuk Membuka Potensimu sebagai Pemilik Bisnis Mesin Vending

Get closer and be present for your customers. Always.

Vending Machine Indonesia Smartven 49

An online to offline store that works remotely for you 24/7.

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Ingin mulai usaha sampingan?

Online course bersama Vending Machine Expert hanya dalam 2 jam. Gratis!

Does your business face these challenges?


Opening an offline store can be expensive.

Penjaga Toko

Selecting human resources is complicated.

Persaingan Bisnis

Bad competitive edges.


Online and offline integration is not fully in sync yet.

Manjemen Toko

Store monitoring is not manageable.

Belanja instan

No instant outlets for customers to get the products.

Trusted by various business markets in Indonesia

From SMEs to international brands, with Smartven they are able to connect with their customers by providing easy access to meet the customers' needs.