"We're not just a vending machine company. We are the future of retail."

SmartVen is the first physical retail solution that enables consumers to purchase products from high-end brands and enterprises without ever interacting with a cashier. We provide intelligent vending machines for direct to consumer, providing quality products 24 hours a day at hospitals, campuses, office buildings and more.

We work with businesses and enterprises to provide convenience for guests, increase employee satisfaction. Our team is constantly looking for new locations in Indonesia and we have Advertising Agency Affiliate Program and paid location referral program.


Our solutions are designed to reach customers in any environment – indoors or outdoors – so they can access our product offerings anytime of the day or night.


If you are a young entrepreneur who wants to start their own vending machine business that is easy to operate and profitable, please contact us! Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way - from finding locations and managing operations, to providing support when we deploy inventory management systems or need help scaling up services as your business grows. 

With focus on the Indonesian market we work closely with top payment systems such as GoPay, ShopeePay, OVO and QRIS ensuring payments are quick and efficient.
To incentivize customer acquisition we run various promotions including cross channel campaigns from online to offline where customers receive gift cards when they download partnering apps. See all of our features here.

We also sell physical AND digital products from hot food and drinks from top brands like Nestlé Mayora, CocaCola company; to Cosmetics and Telkomsel pulsa and GO-PAY Top-up station. welcome new brand partners to join our product placement and distribution service here


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