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Our vending machine is the perfect solution for those who want to make sure their business stays open at all times. Serve your customers when and where they need it most!

Vending Machine Kosmetik Guele Indonesia
Vending Machine Rollover Reaction
Vending Machine Kosmetik Syca Indonesia
Vending Machine Mystery box Plaza Indonesia
Gojek Vending Machine

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We can create a machine just for your business

We are proud to be able serve the many people who have placed their trust in us, and we will do everything possible for each individual request. We find that more information helps as it allows us make better decisions on how best accommodate your needs!

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Design Sticker &
UI / UX Custom

Stand out in the crowd of generic storefronts. 


Branding yourself as a cutting edge company.

You'll get more customers with cool custom design and be the talk of the town when people come to see and try your machine.

50+ Product selection display

Your products are always visible to customers to see before they buy them.

Customers won't get bored of seeing the same old things in your store.

Touchless order with mobile apps

You can order your product with a touch less interaction.


The machine is able to be integrated with your apps and e-commerce sites, which allows for more convenience.

The app will allow you to see all the products available in the machine.

Online Admin Panel

Check sales, price settings and stock quantities of your store easily from anywhere online.

You'll never have to worry about your store being out of product.


You're in control of your business no matter where you are.

Accepts Cash & Cashless Payment

Simple and convenient way to buy products. Get your snacks at the touch of a button!


If you don't have cash, our machine accepts Go-Pay, OVO, ShopeePay and all QRIS.


No more waiting in long lines at the grocery store.

Unlimited Digital Products

Sell digital products, like vouchers and airtime

Send it directly to your customers' mobile number

Membership & Loyalty rewards

Help your customers save money with a loyalty card and keep them coming back for more. 

Reward the most loyal of your customers.  


Make every transaction feel like a reward and getting something special.

Scheduled Flash Sale

Increase sales during off hours. 

Save time with automatic scheduling and your display is changed automatically whenever Flash sale is on!

Boost your profits by 10% or more. Keep your customers happy with discounts at the right time.

Available Robo Store Selection

Ready for design customization

SV 22

smart vending machine sv22

Payment System

Cash (Rp.2000 to 100.000)
Cashless QRIS, Go-Pay, Ovo, Shopee Pay
Combo (Cash & Cashless)

Weight & Dimension

Weight : 370 KG
Length: 80cm

Width: 120cm
Height: 195 cm


5 Tray
10 Spiral positions per tray

5 to 10 pieces of product per spiral


No Elevator

Screen Size

Touchscreen LED
22 inches


2 degrees to  23 degree Celsius


PET bottles

Food & Snack pouch

Cup noodles

Mystery Box

Cosmetic boxes


Initial turning on : 600 Watt

Stable condition : 480 Watt

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