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Features & Benefits

Make your business fully-controlled remotely and works automatically with Smartven, . Here are various features and benefits you will get as advantages when you have Smartven as your smart vending solution:

Auto Refund.

Our machine is tested to avoid failed transactions while dispensing the product. Your money will be refunded automatically by the system.

Money-back guarantee for failed transactions

Mobile Web App - Customer Ordering.

Give the freedom to customers to order and pay via smartphones. Web-based system allows customers to be directed instantly without installing any apps. The product will be dispensed automatically after the transaction is a success.

Smartphone-only transactions (contactless) 

Cloud Vending Management System. Easily manage your your product inventory, prices and promotions to reports, remotely from everywhere through a web-based Vending Management System.

Control your business remotely

Smart Shelving System.
Avoid expired products being disposed to customers and optimized the operational costs for shorter shelf-life products with promotional schemes you can customize.

Data Analysis and product management recommendation

Adjustable shelving for the dimension of the products. 

You can sell various products from foods, beverages, beauty products, toys, books, electronics, and healthcare products. No matter what the product is, the shelving system can be adjusted accordingly.

Sell 60 products all at once in one machine

Midtrans payment channel official partner.

Through our official payment channel provider, you can have a Merchant ID of your own to receive funds automatically.  No need to worry about reconciling transactions, all are provided on a 24-hour online dashboard with live reports.

Funds disbursement is received directly into owner's account

Membership and Loyalty Points.

Increase the loyalty of customers who regularly come to your machine to collect points that can be exchanged for prizes. You can also collect customer data such as phone numbers, transaction history and basic data.

Manage Membership and give Loyalty Points

Smart planogram builder. 

Sell products as many as possible with an automated system that can analyze your selling reports based on the number of sales of each product per day. The planogram will also generate product recommendation and shelf restocking information.

Determine the product positions on the shelves easily

Combine Cash & Cashless Payment.

Safer transactions with cash and cashless payment methods.

Cash and cashless payments are supported

Flash Sale.

Sell more products and make it more attractive with this feature. Flash Sale can be set to apply promotional prices on hours you have specified.

Flash Sale promotion system on desired hours automatically available

Gaming feature.

Give your customers a prize for certain transactions through spin the wheel feature.

Spin the Wheel prizes with Gamification

Export sales reports automatically to Accurate, an online accounting system.

No need to worry about the sales reports, as your business is connected to the online accounting system Accurate. This system can calculate your sales and profits for each month.

Easy sales system through accounting software integration

Multimedia Marketing. Create your promotion as engaging as possible. Display photos and videos as advertisements on the LED touchscreen. 

Show company profile and promotions in OOH videos

Sticker and UI/UX customized design.

For each machine you buy from Smartven, you will get a free sticker design. Should you need one, we are also available for UI/UX customization designs. 

Design colours and stickers according to your brand guide

Mobile data top-up service. 

Top-up fast through host-to-host technology (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, dan Axis) so customers can receive the exact amount after each successful transaction.

Digital products transaction such as purchasing mobile data, paying bills, and GoPay top-ups

Go-Pay & OVO top-up vouchers.

Upgrade your machine with additional Go-Pay and OVO top-up service. If a transaction is successful, the voucher will be automatically collected into the customer's account.

Gopay & Ovo

Are you interested?

Run your business with Smartven.

Consult your branding needs with us via WhatsApp link down below. 

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