Vending Machine Franchise

Profitable, Easy, and Practical Business Opportunity
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In today's digital era, the vending machine business is a much-needed business. We can provide convenience for consumers by providing all needs such as food, beverages, medical devices, etc., through vending machines whose locations are easily accessible by consumers.

Advantages of Franchise Vending Machine

Vending Machine Business Count


Advantages of Franchise Vending Machine


24 hours

Always ready from morning, noon and night

Cashless Payment

Scan code QRIS can accept payments from Gopay, Ovo, Dana, ShopeePay, and others

Fast Transaction

It only takes 1 minute per transaction

Transparent report

Access online sales reports from your website admin portal.

Featured Products

Sell products according to your needs


Give special prices and discounts for members or employees

Vending Machine Type

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SV 49

Purchase Price: IDR 70.400.000 Include VAT Per Unit

Rent Price: IDR 5,500,000 Include VAT Per Unit Per Month

SV 22.png

SV 22

Purchase Price: IDR 66,000,000 Include VAT Per Unit

Rent Price: IDR 4,400,000 Include VAT Per Unit Per Month

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Aim High Vending Machine
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