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Drop Test Products in Vending Machines

Using a vending machine for a business must be something that must be carefully planned, one of which is by doing a drop test.

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Starting a vending machine business is indeed a good idea. Today, anyone can rent it—from helping specific locations for easier shopping access, to generating additional income. The progress of vending machines can be said to be so fast. Not only in public places such as airports, train stations, or bus terminals, we can also find many machines in factories, offices, schools, or in the middle of shopping centres. The use of this machine is also often used as a business strategy.

Before starting a business with a vending machine, you may want to see what the machine looks like and how it works, including the selection of product packaging to be placed. What are the steps?

What is a drop test?

In vending machines, what is meant by a drop test is the initial procedure to find out whether the placed product will be successfully dropped. What this drop test does is to match the product with the machine with the spiral size as well. By knowing the ratio of the product size to the spiral size, the number of products in inventory can be calculated easily.

This initial step will also be more efficient because later on, business owners will not have to worry about the refilling procedure of vending machines. It's been customised from the start so it's just a matter of placing the product.

How to do a drop test

With Smartven, you can do a drop test just by following these easy steps:

1. Schedule a drop test.

If you have contacted our customer service, book your drop test agenda by scheduling the day and time you want. Or you can click here to book a drop test now.

2. Bring the product samples for the drop test.

Don't forget to bring a sample of the products that will be placed in the vending machine.

3. Visit Smartven’s workshop according to the appointment.

On the date of the appointment, bring your sample product to Wisma Ritra on Jalan Warung Buncit Raya No. 6, South Jakarta. You will soon meet our team and be ready to do a drop test!

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You can also have a show unit to check out other vending machines. There are 2 machines that you can browse, which are the SV22 digital and the analog machine. Watch the full video with Vina, our Sales Development Representative, who will explain in full the advantages and disadvantages of these two machines!

Things to consider upon doing a drop test

You have brought the product and are already at our workshop location? There are several things that must be considered so that you are not confused during the drop test. Let’s take a note!

1. Each shelf can have different product sizes.

Determine the size of the spiral single or double for your product. Doubles are wider and singles are narrower for smaller products.

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2. Determine the number of products.

Determine how many products can be placed within one length of the spiral. From here, you can calculate how many products you should bring when refilling the machine.

3. Consider the packaging material and weight of the product.

Heavier products, such as packaging in glass, should be placed on the bottom shelf. This minimises breakage of the packaging. Lighter products can be placed anywhere.

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Book your drop test now!

It turned out to be quite easy to do a drop test, right? Make sure you follow the steps above and you can immediately start a business with your dream vending machine. Still not sure and need to ask more? Register for a consultation with our team immediately by clicking the link below this article. Also visit the Smartven website to see vending machines for sale or rent and also our Instagram page for more interesting information on vending machines. Stay healthy and see you soon!


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