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Refurbished Vending Machines, An Economical Choice to Start a Vending Business

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Refurbished or used vending machines don’t have a nice ring to it, do they? It's as if the condition is no longer suitable for use and is not that pleasing to the eye. Maybe the image you get is almost like junk. Some old vending machines are classified up to the vintage level because of the older generation of machines.

In fact, not all used vending machines sound that bad. At Smartven, what is meant by a used or refurbished machine is a machine that has been handed over by the previous owner. Still in good condition and everything looks new. As collectors say: it's almost mint condition!

Why choose a used vending machine?

So, why are these machines still up for sale? In fact, it turns out that many individuals or small business practitioners are interested in using vending machines. However, when looking at the costs required to buy or rent a new vending machine, it does not match the budget they have.

For example, they could rent one machine for a period of 1 year. The cost would probably be the same if they bought 2 used vending machines and owned the machines themselves. Or maybe, the initial cost to buy a vending machine alone sounds expensive which makes them think twice.

Features that still work well

As already mentioned, used vending machines still function as well as new vending machines. Features such as the touchscreen still function properly, cashless payments using QR codes can also be used, until the desire to customize the system and the appearance of the machine can still be realized.

Basic systems such as the Cloud Management System which allows to check product inventory along with sales reports also remain as part of this machine. Machine owners can also run promotions such as Flash Sale through this system. In any way, it won’t feel like a used machine at all!

As a reminder, because it has passed the warranty period, used vending machines are not guaranteed. But the Smartven team will be ready to help if there are emergency matters that need to be resolved quickly.

The story of a used vending machine in a hospital

Starting a business with a vending machine definitely requires a big commitment. However, this can be circumvented with a used vending machine. An example is Mr. Jeffry Wisnu, a businessman from Bandung who not only bought one used vending machine, but three at a time, to help a hospital.

The use of used vending machines can actually provide many benefits. If you are familiar with the city of Bandung and have ever passed the famous Jalan Dago, you must have seen this famous hospital. Yep, Santo Borromeus Hospital, which has been around since 1921, does only have a few minimarkets or places to sell. The distance is quite far from each other. The location of the canteen which is located at the back of the hospital is also quite far to access, especially with the confusing layout.

After being installed this August, the three machines are expected to help visitors to the Santo Borromeus hospital. The type of used vending machine chosen by Mr. Jeffry Wisnu is the SV22 type. What are the differences between each type of machine?

Types of used vending machines

Just like buying a new machine, used vending machines also have several types that you can choose according to your needs.

  • Used analog vending machine

The analog system in question is that there is no touch screen feature on the machine. Payments are also made using paper money. There is also an elevator feature for machines. Prices offered start from Rp. 29.900.000 or click here to check machine availability.

  • Used SV22 vending machine

With a 22-inch touch screen, the cashless can be used for this SV22 type vending machine. If needed, the cash payment method can still be used on this machine. Prices offered start from Rp. 39.900.000 or click here to check machine availability.

  • Used SV49 vending machine

This type of machine has a bigger screen, which is 49 inches. With full touchscreen, the product is stored neatly behind the screen.payments Cashless can be used on this machine. Prices offered start from Rp. 49.900.000 or click here to check machine availability.

Read also the features and specifications of the machine here.

It's time to start a business

Interested in starting a business using a used vending machine? Or do you have a location where you can help with a used vending machine? If you have an idea that you would like to consult with the Smartven team, please click the link below. Also check website and Instagram for other interesting information. Happy doing business, stay healthy and see you soon!


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