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The Beauty of Vending Machines in Jakarta x Beauty 2022: Part 1

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After being successfully held in Surabaya last March, the biggest beauty event organised by Female Daily is back in Jakarta. Taking place on 28 - 31 July 2022, this beauty event is much bigger in scale in the new location. Previously, Jakarta x Beauty was located at Senayan City mall, South Jakarta. However, with the great development and enthusiasm for the world of skincare and makeup today, the new location is located at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, South Jakarta.

A big change in the location is also taken as a step further from the many up-and-coming locally made beauty products. In Indonesia, local products have started to have a lot of fans these past few years. With cheaper prices than most imported products, as well as the same good quality, triggering various age groups to start being aware of their skin care routine, especially face care. In this Jakarta x Beauty event, most of Hall A and Hall B are filled with local brands. You can imagine it as a huge court hall with various promotions filled with (mostly) female visitors. But, with so many great brands out there, how do you attract customers to make the booth look more attractive?

At Jakarta x Beauty 2022, Smartven has a special coverage for brands that use vending machines during exhibitions. This event will be divided into 4 parts. Don't forget to always check the Smartven blog for the latest updates!

Make your booth stands out

With so many things that have existed since the start of the brand such as the values, logos, visuals, slogans, and others, of course there is a way of product branding that is specifically applied when participating in exhibitions. The first thing we will discuss is visibility, so that the brand looks attractive. There are chances that visitors may have never seen or heard your brand. Then how do they come to have an idea or are interested in buying the product?

Long before the desire to buy the product, there must be things that must be done when decorating the booth, right? Make sure the brand looks more stand out or has its own charm when participating in the exhibition. Several brands have started promoting on their social media spreading sneak peeks about their involvement in Jakarta x Beauty 2022 weeks before the event was held. Through this, they also pique interests from their fans with promos or new product launches that will only be available during the exhibition.

Of course, apart from the fact that there are many beauty enthusiasts who have scheduled their arrival with careful preparation by buying entrance tickets in advance, of course the promo is also what attracts them to come. Brands are competing to make their booths as unique as possible. One example is the existence of vending machines. In addition to increasing interaction with visitors, this smart machine also has an interesting story for its brand owners.

Vending machine at Jakarta x Beauty 2022

jakarta x beauty 2022

In this exhibition, there are several brands that use Smartven in their booths. It has been planned carefully in advance so that everything runs smoothly during the 4 days of the exhibition. This includes designing the sticker design for the vending machine display, to the video that appears on the screen.

Here are 3 brands that use vending machines at Jakarta x Beauty 2022 to sell their products. Let’s dive into the interesting stories!

Skin Game

Placing a brand at a large exhibition is certainly quite expensive, especially to rent a larger booth. Other than the main function as booths with attractive decorations, it is also a place to store the products at some point. If it's like this, then the main selling area will become smaller. With this issue, Skin Game has found a way to still look stylish with their booth that is not too big in size.

Using a vending machine in their area, their products are directly stored in the machine. This is an interesting point because the product will not be easily damaged by heat. In the machine, the product temperature is maintained and the many spirals on the shelves can store large quantities of products as well. So you don't need to worry about the space for inventory. With a vending machine, everything is immediately neatly stored.

For Skin Game, the vending machine is using the SV49 type with full-touchscreen. On the 49-inch screen, not only for displaying the QR code for payment, it is also used to show what promotions are taking place during the exhibition. It can be thought of as a screen that plays ads non-stop.


Another local skincare product that is also interesting is Haple. With an attractive appearance with distinctive product branding colours, the vending machine at this booth is useful for attracting customers.

The type of vending machine used is SV22. Haple products in cute and attractive packaging can be seen clearly from the outside. The 22-inch screen will display what products the campaign is currently holding during the exhibition.

Booth decorations that match the body stickers of the machine can help increase sales of Haple products. The reason is, if it looks attractive like this, it's not just loyal customers who come. For exhibition visitors who are not familiar with Haple, they are even more interested in visiting and having a look.


A well-known and big brand in Indonesia like Wardah also uses a vending machine at its booth. With the same nuance as the theme of the booth, this machine is useful for helping product sales, especially during peak hours. Without the need to queue up at the cashier, visitors can go directly to the vending machine and buy Wardah products.

To make it seem futuristic, the type of vending machine used is the SV49. The large touchscreen display will make it easier for visitors to choose from the catalogue of best-selling products that are placed inside the machine. So if you are in a hurry and want to repurchase Wardah products, visitors can still shop through the vending machine without waiting for a sales assistant to come help them.

Start developing your skincare brand

If you have started many local beauty products using vending machines at Jakarta x Beauty 2022 like this, maybe this will become a trend in the next exhibitions. If you have a skincare and makeup brand that can use a vending machine, click the button below to consult with the Smartven team. You can also check the Smartven website and Instagram for other information. Don't forget to follow the next part of Jakarta x Beauty 2022, stay healthy and see you soon!


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