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Buy Browcara and Eyeliner at Guele's beauty vending machine at Lippo Mall Puri

Currently, vending machines are not only selling food and beverages, vending machines have undergone many developments in selling products, one of which is cosmetics. Many cosmetic brands, which initially only sold their products online, have now started to open their stores offline to be closer to customers. One of the brands that uses this innovation is Guele. Guele Cosmetics is a beauty brand that sells cosmetic equipment online. Currently, Guele has opened its offline store in a unique and new way. Guele has now opened their offline store with a Vending Machine located at Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta.

Vending machines will make it easier for consumers who still like to shop directly or offline. This vending machine can also attract attention and provide a new shopping experience for customers and mall visitors. The products that Guele sells through vending machines include lipmoist, browcara, dual eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and many more.

Customers who want to make a purchase can directly select the product through the vending screen. after that the customer is connected to a payment page that contains payment method options via e-wallet (Gopay, Ovo, Shopeepay, Linkaja) not only that, the payment method at the vending machine is also connected to QRIS (National Payment Gateway) so customers can make payments via digital any banking. After making payment, the buyer can immediately pick up the product that fell in the machine.


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