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Danpac Pharma Launches Vending Machine for Hotels

Currently, vending machines in Indonesia do not only sell drinks and snacks, but there have been many new innovations in the types of products sold on vending machines. One of them is a vending machine owned by Danpac Pharma.

Danpac pharma is a pharmaceutical company that imports, manufactures and distributes health products. Starting from pharmaceutical raw materials, drugs, food supplements to pregnancy test kits. Danpac pharma has been established since 2003 and already has many national brands including Sensitive, Ovutest, VIVO, Accurate, Jitu, Arjoena, STERIL, Narcotest, Onestep, Essencia, and Nature's Beauty. One product that is widely known by the public from PT Danpac Pharma is the "Sensitive" pregnancy test kit.

Currently danpac pharma wants to open their offline store using a vending machine. This vending machine will sell products from the danpac pharma brand, such as entrostop, panadol, strepsils, redoxon, tolak angin, salonpas, eucalyptus oil, vicks cough medicine, betadine, listerine mouthwash, vivo condom, rexona deodorant, gilette foam and shaving tools, face wash, soap and shampoo, pregnancy test kits, sanitary napkins, tissues, masks and also hand sanitizer.

This first vending machine will be placed in front of the Danpac office located at Green Sedayu Biz Park Blok DM 5 No. 31E Jl. Daan Mogot Km.18 Kalideres, West Jakarta, before Danpac later increased their vending machines and placed them in hotels around Jakarta.

The target market of this danpac vending machine is to reach people who are staying at hotels. Sometimes when we are on a trip or just a staycation at a hotel, we often forget to bring toiletries, medicines, and various other necessities. So when things happen that are not wanted like that, people no longer need to bother looking for the nearest minimarket or pharmacy, because everything is already available at the danpac vending machine located in the hotel lobby.

Actually, vending machines like Danpac Pharma are very useful in society, why? Because it is often difficult for us to find a pharmacy or mini market that is open 24 hours. In addition, for us women, we do not know when our period will come, and it is very difficult to find someone who sells sanitary napkins. So, with this vending machine and pac pharma, it can help provide convenience for all of us.

In addition, there are several other benefits that we can feel from this vending machine and pac pharma, such as:

24 hour access

A vending machine can be said to be a shop that is open 24 hours and does not need employees to look after the shop. The most important thing is a stable internet and also electricity. So, as long as the vending machine still has stable electricity and internet at the vending machine, you can shop at any time at the vending machine.


The size of the vending machine that is not too big makes the vending machine can be placed anywhere, adjusted to the foot traffic of the location. Therefore, the vending machine is usually placed in the lobby, so that it is easily accessible by anyone.

Easy payment

In addition to cash payments, currently many vending machines have been integrated with QRIS, so they can accept non-cash or cashless payments. You only need to scan the QR Code listed on the screen using a mobile banking application or e-wallet such as OVO, Gopay, Dana, Shopeepay, and also LinkAja so you can already have the product you want to buy. The process is very easy and fast.

How interesting isn't it, opening an offline store using a vending machine? With the many benefits and conveniences that we can feel from the vending machine. Now, for those of you who are currently interested in opening your offline store using a vending machine, you can contact the Smartven team at the following whatsapp number: 0821 2454 1956 or click the button below.


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