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Guele Cosmetics Comes to Plaza Indonesia

Initially, all these Guele cosmetic products could only be purchased through online stores and e-commerce such as Shopee, Tokopedia and Sociolla. Then in May 2021 yesterday, Guele finally opened their first offline store through a vending machine located at Lt.UG Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta. Seeing the great enthusiasm of Guele's customers in shopping offline through vending machines, Guele finally decided to add another vending machine unit located on the 4th Floor of Plaza Indonesia. So for those of you who live in the central Jakarta area and its surroundings, now you can easily buy Guele products offline through a vending machine. For a more detailed location, this guele vending machine is located under the escalator to the 5th floor, in front of Make Over.

Guele's vending machine sells various cosmetic products such as browcara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lip moist, cushion, and sheet masks. And for those of you who still don't know and have never shopped for guele cosmetic products through a vending machine, here I will tie a little tutorial for you. It's very easy, namely:

  1. You come directly to the guele vending machine location at Plaza Indonesia or Lippo Mall Puri

  2. On the digital screen on the right of the machine, you will see the various products available on the machine. You can choose the product you want to buy by swiping the digital screen left or right

  3. After you determine the product you want to buy, you click on the product image on the digital screen. After that a barcode will appear to proceed to the payment process

  4. You can make payments using mobile banking applications or e-wallets such as ovo, gopay, funds, links, by scanning the QR Code listed on the digital screen

  5. After the payment is successful, don't forget to pick up your product at the bottom of the vending machine.

The process is very easy and fast

Well, maybe some of you are interested in opening an offline store for your products through a vending machine like this cosmetic guele, but are still confused about what are the advantages of selling at this vending machine? And how much capital is needed?

Advantages of Vending Machines

Actually, there are many advantages or benefits that can be obtained by selling through this vending machine. For example, if we look at the customer side, shopping with a vending machine is a practical and efficient way, because by shopping at a vending machine, customers don't have to bother waiting in line at the cashier to make payments, because currently many vending machines are already integrated with the vending machine. QRIS, so that customers can make payments easily, safely and quickly using a mobile banking application or e-wallet.

And if we look at the business side, selling with this vending machine has many benefits, namely:

1. Low overhead cost

The vending machine business does not need employees to sell your products, because the machine can work alone for 24 hours. Therefore you do not need to spend money to pay employee wages. So the overhead costs you have to spend are lower.

2. The vending machine business is easy to manage

Owning a vending machine business can be likened to having a 'money collecting robot' where most of the work has been done by machines. So that we can control our business remotely. Therefore, this vending machine business feels easy, simple and practical.

Price and Type of Vending Machine

For the range of capital needed if you want to sell using a vending machine, there are two options, first you buy a vending machine or you rent a vending machine. In smartven itself, the purchase price for a vending machine is around 60-70 million, and for renting a vending machine it is around 4.5-5 million per month with a minimum rental of 1 year. The price can be adjusted again according to the type of vending machine you want, because in Smartven itself there are 2 types of vending, namely:

  • SV 22, has a 22-inch LED touch screen, clearly visible product displays, and payment combos (cash & cashless)

  • SV 49, has a 49-inch LED touch screen, product displays are only visible through the image on the LED screen, and payment combos (cash & cashless)

For more details about the types and prices of vending machines in Smartven, you can click the link here.

So how come are you ready to have your own product vending machine? Let's discuss with the Smartven team about your product's dream vending machine. You can schedule a consultation with a vending machine expert from Smartven right now at the link below.


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