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Healthy Product Vending Machine

So far, most of the products of vending machines that are sold are only about soft drinks, snacks, candies, chocolates, and so on. Meanwhile, foods and drinks that are too high in calories are considered to have a negative impact on health.

In fact, the vending machine can also sell a variety of healthy food and drink products. Why not? Now, there are many vending machines that provide various goods that are suitable for public consumption. For example, such as fresh fruits, rice boxes, cereals, nuts, biscuits, bread and much more. In fact, healthy vending machines like this are now starting to be placed in many hospitals or clinics to help medical workers as the front line in handling COVID19.

However, how effective is the vending machine to support a healthy lifestyle? Below we will cover it for you. Come on, let's find out!

1. Modern society pays attention to health

Unlike a few decades ago, modern society is now very, very aware and concerned about the health of its body. Many people are now running a healthy diet, a paleo diet, to a vegetarian in order to maintain an excellent immune system for many years of their life.

If someone says that vending machines containing healthy products will not sell, then this is not true or a myth. Because, on the contrary, healthy products sold at vending machines are in demand. Apparently, customers really want healthy products to consume

2. Everyone can easily get healthy snacks

Vending machines that sell a variety of healthy foods and beverages help everyone achieve their goal of a healthier lifestyle. Meanwhile, there may be some business people who are still hesitant to sell healthy products at vending machines for fear of not selling well. However, the market for healthy products is huge and growing rapidly.

There are many healthy products that can be sold and are currently in great demand by customers, including:

  • Spinach chips, cassava chips, etc

  • Vegetable noodles

  • Protein bars

  • Popcorn

  • Fruit juice

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Oatmeal cookies and biscuits

  • Etc

The number of healthy products will continue to grow as business people innovate and develop ideas. Healthy product groups generally create products that are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. So, anyone who buys it can be calmer when consuming it.

In fact, about 85% of people want to snack on healthy and quality products.

3. Allows employees or general consumers to have healthy snack choices anytime

Restaurants or cafes sometimes do not operate for 24 hours. Meanwhile, many employees or the general public want to buy outside of operating hours. This is where vending machines come in handy.

This vending machine operates 24 hours a day. So, it can be a place to buy various desired products in order to maintain energy. If the vending machine offers healthy food such as rice bowls, vegetable soup, or vegetable noodles, it can be consumed by customers and is certainly much healthier. Various other healthy products such as fruit smoothies, protein drinks, milk, tea, coffee, water, noodles, cakes, and so on.

Keep in mind, about 80% of consumers crave healthy and nutritionally balanced foods to consume. Therefore, a vending machine that sells healthy products will be the right solution.

Over time, it also has an impact on the body's immune system so that consumers will not get sick or get infected with viruses. This healthy snacking habit will increase the immune system while saving health care costs.

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