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Mataram University, The Most Innovative Campus in Indonesia

Because the corona case in Indonesia has started to slow down, finally the Ministry of Education and Culture has allowed face-to-face or offline meetings for schools or universities in Indonesia, with a maximum capacity requirement of 50%. Therefore, currently all schools and universities are preparing their best efforts to provide facilities that can support face-to-face lecture activities in the midst of this pandemic so that they can take place safely, comfortably, and still comply with health protocols. As was done by the University of Mataram. Mataram University provides the latest innovation by providing facilities for students and employees to shop safely and comfortably using vending machines.

This vending machine started operating for the first time during the Mataram University Anniversary event on December 5, 2021. This vending machine provides a variety of drinks and snacks, such as astor, pocky, aqua, pocari sweat, box milk, box tea, and also milo milk. It is hoped that with this vending machine, apart from providing easy shopping facilities for students, lecturers and also employees, it will also help to reduce their outdoor activities in the midst of this pandemic, so as to minimize the spread of the corona virus in the campus environment. Because this vending machine is located near the entrance of the lecture building, it will be very easily accessible by everyone.

In order to provide the latest innovations and provide convenience for all students on campus, the Mataram university team came directly to Jakarta to ensure that the vending machine is ready and able to work properly. So that later there will be no problems - problems that occur in the vending machine while at the university of Mataram.

The Advantages of Vending Machine on Campus

Actually, what are the benefits of vending machines for students and also the campus so that the Mataram university team took the time to come to Jakarta to buy a vending machine?

There are many benefits of vending machines that can be felt for students, as well as the campus. As I will explain below:

1. Can save time

The tight schedule of lectures sometimes makes students often hold back their hunger because the break time from one course to another is very minimal. So they do not have time to go to the canteen and queue to shop for food or drinks. Therefore, by providing vending machines on campus or more precisely in the lecture building, it can help students and even lecturers and employees who want to keep shopping to fill their stomachs without having to spend time going to the canteen and queuing.

2. Many choices of drinks and snacks

At the vending machine you can sell various products. Whether it's hot drinks, cold drinks, snacks, healthy foods, and various other needs, you can do that too. With the many rack slots on the vending machine, the vending machine can provide various kinds of drinks and food, so students have many choices when they want to shop at the vending machine.

3. Easy payment method

Currently, many vending machines have been integrated with QRIS, so they can accept cashless payments. So simply scan the QR code on the digital vending machine screen using an e-wallet or mobile banking application on your respective smartphone. The payment process is very fast, easy and safe.

4. Diversity of goods sold

With a large number of students, campus is a suitable location for placing vending machines, and it will be easy to choose products to sell because they already know the target market they want to reach. Food and beverages are potential products that can be sold because most students definitely need to eat every day. In addition, vending machines can also sell several other products to help support student needs, such as books and stationery.

5. Create a modern learning environment

Vending machines provide a fast and convenient shopping solution, thus providing many benefits for students, lecturers, and employees. In addition, vending machines can also bring the beauty of a modern atmosphere in the campus environment. By shopping at a vending machine, you can minimize crowding situations when shopping. As a result, it can provide a more comfortable and peaceful campus environment.

6. Income for Campus

An added benefit of providing vending machines on campus is being able to benefit from the products purchased by students. Some of these advantages can help the campus budget that must be met.

Well, there are lots of benefits that we can get from providing vending machines on campus, both for students and for campus parties. If you also want to provide vending machines on your campus such as Mataram University, you can directly contact us by clicking the button below.

Come on, book your vending machine now!


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