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Seeing vending machine business opportunities on the basketball court directly from the owner

After yesterday we placed the machine at Aim High Stadium, I also managed to interview one of the owners of Aim High Stadium, his name is James. In this interview, James has an interesting story, such as how the international standard Aim High Stadium was formed, and no less important, James also told how he saw a vending machine business opportunity in his field. So, just go ahead!

1. Aim High background in shape

So he started playing basketball at the age of 15. At that time, James' friends were better at playing basketball than he was. because of that, together with his father, he had the idea to practice alone with the coach. However, because it was difficult to find a good court and the high cost of renting a field for only two people, James' father finally had the idea to make his own basketball court. as time went by, James and his father went on vacation to several countries outside Indonesia. they saw that the field there was very different from most basketball courts in Indonesia. In Indonesia, most basketball courts use rubber. meanwhile, abroad use Hardwood. because of that his father immediately thought of building a basketball court with international standards

2. Excess

This field is of international standard and the floor also uses hardwood. the basketball hoop on this court has also been fixed and cannot be raised or lowered. James also said that several times he played basketball on other courts, he felt the difference in the height of the basketball hoops on the same court

3. Vending Machines

Initially, James always brought his own mineral water whenever he practiced, but he often ran out of water and had to buy water. but James found it too much of a hassle to take off his shoes and walk off the court to buy water. from there james started to get the idea to open a shop in the stadium to sell drinks. one day james saw a video on tiktok which shows someone making a lot of money from a vending machine. From there, James wanted to have a vending machine for the Aim High basketball court.

4. Calculation of profit or profits

James saw a business opportunity from his field because this field would be held at an academy and generally rented out. Of course, people who play basketball certainly need drinking water immediately. from there he saw that his vending machine could solve the problems that would be faced by visitors to Aim High Stadium

So that's my interview with James, if you want to start a business or you have an idea with a vending machine. you can just contact me directly. Come on, start talking about your ideas with me through a free consultation. just click the button below


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