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New Launch SYCA! Grand Indonesia

Syca Vending Machine Grand Indonesia

Syca adds another vending machine shop at Grand Indonesia Mall

After launching three vending machines during Q1 2021 at Lippo Mall Puri, Mall Kelapa Gading 3, and Pasirkaliki Bandung, Syca launched another Vending Machine store at East Mall floor of LG Mall Grand Indonesia Jakarta on May 10, 2021.

One of the reasons for adding a store in the form of a vending machine is the high enthusiasm of online consumers who rush to the arrival of new products at Syca outlets scattered in shopping malls.

Syca is one of the pioneers of online brands that launched its offline store in the form of a Smart vending machine. Provide unique interactions with loyal customers. Now you can find Syca products online and offline at your favorite shopping mall.

To find out where the next SYCA store is, follow the SYCA Instagram channel and vote for your favorite Shopping Mall!

If you also have an idea to open a shop with a vending machine concept, send us your idea so we can make it happen!


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