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NEW & UNIQUE WAYS to Buy Rollover Cosmetics at Plaza Indonesia

Over the past year, many cosmetic brands have opened their new store formats with vending machines. The increasing trend of opening stores with vending machines has also prompted Rollover Reaction, one of the cosmetic brands in Indonesia, to launch a cosmetic vending machine to facilitate access to buy cosmetics in its stores.

Rollover Reaction is an Indonesian cosmetic brand that offers a variety of beauty products to create a personal appearance and style for the wearer. The beauty products sold by Rollover Reaction vary from lipstick, lip cream, cushion and other beauty products.

This Rollover Reaction cosmetic brand was founded in 2014 by four women. They are Dinar Amanda, Sarah Novia, Naya Tinanda Nabila, and Novianti Haryanto. with different skills but both have an interest in business and cosmetics.

Rollover's cosmetic vending machine was launched on the 4th Floor of Plaza Indonesia Mall, Jakarta this May. Rollover Reaction provides the vending machine so that it can provide a practical, new and interesting shopping experience.

The process of purchasing cosmetics through vending machines is also very easy. Customers can try their products by virtual try-on with the magic mirror application to choose the most suitable color. After finding a suitable product, the buyer can see the collection of cosmetics available at the vending machine through the monitor screen. Next, click on the image of the Cosmetics you are interested in, then a product description will appear starting from the material, style, and price. If according to needs, buyers just choose and make payments.

Rollover Reaction's vending machine is also equipped with cash & cashless payment methods, which have been integrated with QRIS. So buyers will find it easy to choose the payment method according to what they have.

You can also get interesting promos by making direct purchases at the Rollover Reaction vending machine at Plaza Indonesia


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