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Sharia Digital Donation with Dompet Dhuafa Vending Machine

Yayasan Dompet Dhuafa Republika or commonly known as Dompet Dhuafa recently carried out a new way to donate in a more modern way through automated vending machine from Smartven.

Dompet Dhuafa is the pioneer of charity foundation in the sector of empowerment for the less fortunate Muslims for 28 years. In the last four years from 2018 to 2021, Dompet Dhuafa has been awarded as a top brand in its sector as zakat and charity distributor thanks to its excellent portfolio. Continuing the successful journey through helping diverse Indonesian communities in need, Dompet Dhuafa commences its innovation to adapt with the vastness of modern era.

Dompet Dhuafa Digitalisasion

According to Dompet Dhuafa, 44% of donators are millennials. As previously known, millennials and the following generations are more prone to follow trends in the digital world which many have been applied in day-to-day living, one of them being the application of digital payment using the electronic wallet or e-wallet. Steadily, the presence of e-wallet has formed a newfound habit of financial transaction in the community, leaving behind the conventional way of paying with cash which now popularly known as cashless payment.

As a donation foundation that actively involves financial transactions, along with PT Duta Danadyaksa Teknologi (DD Tekno), PT Fintek Karya Nusantara (LinkAja) and PT Asuransi Syariah Keluarga Indonesia (ASyKI), Dompet Dhuafa starts the adaption step collaboratively and created an app called Mumu, which is short for 'Membangun Ummat Menguatkan Ukhuwah’ (translated directly as: building the muslim community to strengthen the brotherhood). The objective of this Mumu app is a digital lifestyle in a more sharia way, which alternately will facilitate the community to digitally donate ­ hassle-free and less dependent to cash payment. With this app hopefully the donators of Dompet Dhuafa will not only take advantage of the digital payment, but can also discover and decide to whom the donation will go through. Various donation types are also available, such as zakat, infaq. alms and wakaf. Apart from the main function to distribute donation, several means of payment on water and electricity bills or phone credits can be done through the Mumu app as well. In the future this app hopefully can be used to purchase fresh produces from local farmers and small ventures in Indonesia through e-commerce in an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) fashion. This feature is made to cater the farmers and small ventures with the hope it will raise the poverty level.

As Easy as Touching the Screen

The next step from Dompet Dhuafa is to adapt through the development of the digital era, by launching the donation feature through the vending machine. So, what differs the digital donation through the app with the donation through the vending machine?

First, the means of payment are different. Through the app, the donation can only be done by non-cash payment, whereas the vending machine can accept both cash and non-cash. This is an advantage to the donators who are not used to donating cashless but still want to donate with cash.

The steps to donate using a vending machine is also very easy. First you pick the type of donation, be it zakat, infaq, alms or wakaf. The next step is to decide where the donation is distributed, and fill in your personal information such as name, phone number, email and the nominal of the donation itself. If all is well-confirmed, then the screen will show the means of payment available, which are cash and non-cash. Sharing the same experience as shopping through an automated vending machine, hopefully donating through vending machine will be tolerable as it accepts cash, especially banknotes. Nevertheless, you can still donate digitally through cashless payment, where the screen will show a QR code to help us confirming the transaction through several e-wallets available. If all steps are successfully done, you will then receive a notification email provided during the early step, confirming that the donation you have sent.

Secondly, what makes the donation through a vending machine different is that you, as the donators, will receive a thank you note in the form of merchandise. The merchandise can be retrieved through the vending machine after the donation process is done. Other than the primary function to donate, Dompet Dhuafa vending machine encourages SME products to be sold through Dompet Dhuafa digital market.

Broad Access

The presence of this vending machine will aid Dompet Dhuafa in reaching out even more donators, without minding the time and location aspects. The machine is placed in different areas without taking much space, and Dompet Dhuafa sticker tagline of ‘Layanan Kebaikan 24 jam’ (translated as: ‘24-hours Goodness Service’) on the unit. Donators can donate without limited operational time as it is accessible for 24 hours. The convenient and sophisticated aspect offered from Dompet Dhuafa vending machine fits the digital, dynamic and practical lifestyle of young people nowadays. Donation feels less old-fashioned and more appealing to younger generations and more generations to come.

The vending machine is not only valuable for the donators, but also Dompet Dhuafa as the distributor can also expect the taste of advanced technology in this modern era. Unlike the conventional donation boxes which are prone to thievery, donating through the machine feels safer in a way that only several people can have access to the donation box. Also, the use of Cloud Management System technology can monitor the activities of the vending machine so that Dompet Dhuafa can access each activity remotely at any time.

Ultimately, this innovation of Dompet Dhuafa vending machine hopefully can inspire more people and other charity foundations to come. And we hope it’s you!

If you have similar foundation and are interested in doing this digital innovation through vending machine like Dompet Dhuafa or if you want to place the Dompet Dhuafa vending machine at your place, please click this button below and we will schedule you an exclusive consultation session with Smartven.


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