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Strategies for Selling Products that don't Sell Well on Vending Machines

Running a business on a vending machine is the same as a business in general, that is, it has risks. In several previous videos I have given tips on how to get a good location for a vending machine in order to get optimal sales. But of course, the vending machine business still has risks, one of which is that sometimes there are some products that are sold that have sales that are not optimal compared to other products.

Well, in this video I will give tips & tricks on how you can sell products that are not yet optimal to make them even more optimal. Some tips & tricks are that you can do promotions for these products such as giving discounts, or attracting the attention of visitors to transact at vending machines.

Well, at the Smartven vending machine, there are 2 ways to make your product promotions more interesting.

  • Flash Sale

This Flash Sale is a discount promotion that is valid only at certain hours. In the smartven vending machine, you can manage everything from the price, the time of validity, to tracking the number of transactions on the clock and product. Now for how to set up a flash sale promo, you can watch the video we've seen before in the top right corner. Watch : Set PROMO & Monitor transaction activity on Vending Machine

  • Gamification: Spin The Wheel

Secondly, on the smartven machine, you can give free products through spin the wheel interactive games. Spin the wheel is similar to a lottery game. every person who after making a transaction, will immediately be given the opportunity to get a free product. Now for details on how to play it, how to set it, I will discuss in the next video.

So, those were tips and tricks on how to optimize the sale of products that are not selling well through smartven machines. If you have questions or have a request for content about vending machines that you want to discuss, you can directly reply to this email.


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