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Strategy for Finding Profitable Locations for Vending Machines

Selling with a vending machine is actually quite easy, especially if you already have a satisfied customer. What is clear, if you have a vending machine you take good care of, you will get a satisfied customer.

The first thing you have to do in finding the right location for a vending machine is that you need to go around and do a survey around your neighborhood. What's around a radius of 1 km from you. whether you are in an urban or rural area. You need to do detailed research to get the right location.

When you go around looking for a location for a vending machine, let's say you find a place with 20 employees there. However, for us it is still not enough to get optimal sales from vending machines. You can find out the number of visitors to the building by looking at how big the building is, how much parking is in the building, and the number of cars in the parking lot. So you go, and you find out there's a place that has 50 cars in the parking lot. Well, that is a location that we think will be suitable for a vending machine.

Well, after you find a suitable place, you must meet the person authorized to place the vending machine and convince them that you have a vending machine that can be a good and profitable facility for visitors and management in the building.

How do you do it? In our sales experience over the years we sell first you should come to the lobby and talk to the receptionist there. In addition, you can also directly ask building visitors or building management employees (OB, Security Guard, etc.) to ask some questions that are casual discussions. Then try to invite them to discuss first and melt the atmosphere to make it more relaxed and then ask them if there is a vending machine in this building? if it turns out that they already have a vending machine, try asking them "I run a vending machine business, are you satisfied with the services provided by the current vending machine? Then, dig up as much and as detailed information as possible because of that information it can be your consideration to put a vending machine there.

In addition to conducting surveys by visiting each location, you can also do it via telephone. First you have to look for a telephone number in a search engine, collect and record the existing number, then start calling and dig up information through the telephone. Although it looks easy, this telephone method has a weakness, namely that you cannot see directly the conditions in the field.

Here are some success tips for professional salespeople. do market research every day you can do it over the phone or visit a location where you already have some of the information. then if you come to the location, talk to the employees who work there and get detailed information about whether they are happy with the existing building facilities? What amenities do they want in the building?

So, tips or strategies that we can provide for you, basically you need to do detailed research on the location you want. it can be obtained by telephone, and information from the people who work there.


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