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Syca Cosmetics Vending Machine Unboxing

I will discuss one of the unique vending machines in Jakarta.

One of the vending machines, which is one of the first in Indonesia, is a vending machine that sells beauty or cosmetic products.

I will discuss it in full and detail. Starting from the customization process, in terms of software, the racks used, and much more. So, go ahead

1. Rack Assembly

This Syca Vending Machine uses Double and Single Spirals. Because Syca's packaging and the products that are sold have different sizes, there are small and large ones. So the spiral adjusts the shape of the product packaging. The sv 22 Syca machine has 5 racks and each slot from single and double has different capacities.

2. Screen

So from the Syca machine using the SV 22 engine (Smartven 22). 22 It is the size of the screen on the machine which is 22 Inch. The customization of this Syca screen is the Header. The header is a section located at the top of the screen. This header can be replaced with a static image or video. Then Footer, Footer is the part of the photo or space located at the bottom of the machine screen display. Footer can be replaced with the appropriate static image or want to be displayed by Syca.

3. Product Image & Color Code

Product photo is the part of the screen that displays an image of a Syca product. In this Syca photo itself, the photos use images that match their products, such as Lip tint, Lip Balm, Cushion Blush, and other cosmetic products. The appearance of the User Interface in terms of color also uses colors that match the Syca brand identity

4. Payment Method

Syca vending machines only accept cashless or non-cash payments that are equipped with QRIS. so payments can be made with any e-wallet or using m-banking. Syca vending machines do not use cash payments, so users who want to make transactions must have an e-wallet.

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