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Vending Machine Development in Indonesia

Smartven vending machine indonesia

The development of technology is growing rapidly, so many people are starting to find new inventions to make life easier for them. One example of technology that makes life easier for humans is vending machines. Vending machines in Indonesia have a very rapid development, in terms of technology. Currently, many business actors are starting to move their physical store form into a vending machine. This is done because vending machines are the future of the store form.

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Just imagine with a vending machine you can open a shop for 24 hours non-stop without having to be constantly guarded. The size of the vending machine is also more minimalist than the current form of the store. In addition, the costs required to operate a vending machine are certainly not as expensive as opening a physical store.

For those of you who don't know vending machines, vending machines are vending machines that sell various necessities such as food, drinks, personal protective equipment, and more. Vending machines in general can sell any product as long as the dimensions or sizes of the products being sold match the size of the shelves on the vending machine.

The vending machine can operate for 24 hours non-stop without needing someone to look after it while selling. Not only that, vending machines can now also be a medium of entertainment for building visitors. With a customizable body sticker and an LED screen on the machine, now the vending machine owner can entertain and attract the attention of building visitors to come to the vending machine. From that interest, consumers usually start to look at vending machines and start considering seeing and even buying products at vending machines. Even though the vending machine is not guarded by the vending machine employee, it can provide detailed and complete reports on sales and transactions.

Vending machines can also make it easier for building visitors to get the things they want without having to leave the building.

Vending machine prices on the market today vary. The price of the vending machine is determined from the specifications, size, capacity, and the number of features that the vending machine has. in Smartven there are 3 types of vending machines, namely SV 49, SV 22, and Analog. info on vending machine specifications click this link. The price of the vending machine itself ranges from 60-70 million rupiah.

Want to get a vending machine or have questions about vending machines? SMARTVEN is the best vending machine distributor in Indonesia. Tell us your needs with a vending machine via the button below and we will provide the best vending machine solution for you.


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