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Why Should Vending Machines Be Available in Schools?

Vending machine at school, is it necessary or not? Perhaps this is a question that has been debated for years. On the one hand, there are some pros and cons. Parents, for example, are worried that their children will eat unhealthy food. Most argue that these vending machines only trigger a high-fat, high-glucose diet.

Is that right? It's just a myth or not true! The reason is, from CBS News research, the United States government has required vending machines in schools to provide healthy food and drinks.

So, since the advent of the appeal, vending machines in schools offer a variety of healthy options. Starting from nuts, popcorn, to fresh fruit. But, why should automatic vending machines exist in schools? This is the reason! Let's continue, shall we?

1. Encourages a Healthy Diet

In schools, healthy food and drinks available at vending machines can encourage children to eat healthy. For example, fresh fruits, cereals, milk, and yogurt.

Because most habits are taught in schools, it will be easier for children to become accustomed to healthy food.

2. Choices at Lunch

For schools that do not provide lunch or advise students to bring their own lunch, a vending machine will be very helpful. Sometimes, Mother at home is already very hectic and no longer has time to provide provisions for the little one.

The vending machine can provide healthy and nutritious food choices for children. For example, such as bread, milk, yogurt, fresh fruits, cereals, and so on.

Children can also learn at the same time about the nominal denominations of certain currencies. Because buying at a vending machine is very easy and practical, there is no need for change.

3. Easy Access

Accessibility is an important factor to consider in placing a vending machine. Consumers who are mostly children can be placed within their reach in an easily visible corner. For example, the classroom hallway, in front of the teacher's office, canteen, cafeteria, and so on.

4. Can be used by staff and teachers

Not only students, teachers and school staff can also buy products at vending machines. When they don't have time to bring their lunch, teachers and school staff can buy the food or drink they want. If for example, teachers and staff choose coffee and tea, rather than soft drinks, the school can also provide these drinks in a vending machine.

5. Additional school income

Vending machines may be popular as food or beverage vending machines. However, in schools, vending machines can also be provided to sell various other products. For example, pens, pencils, books, flash drives, and so on.

That way, the school can get additional income to cover other bills. Such as electricity bills, adding books in the library, maintaining facilities, and paying staff salaries. Although the profit may not be much, at least there will always be a steady stream of income coming in every month from the vending machine. The more vending machines, the greater the school income.


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