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Aiming High in Hydration with Aim High Stadium

gym vending machine

Living with a fast-paced lifestyle and heavy work routines make almost everyone concerned about their wellbeing as a human. Health, is something that needs to be taken care of by every individual. Surprisingly, mundane and static activities from getting out of bed, commuting to and from school or work, doing hobbies and even sitting all day can still be the source of health issues. We sleep on the wrong side of bed, we don’t sit straight, we lean over to one side, and yet we complain with the continuous backpain. Exercising is one of the ways to make the muscles less stiff and reducing these pains to minimal. It is also proven to minimise stress levels from working out (aside that we can look good with the toned body). So, off we go to sports and fitness centres. It may be an advantage if we already have certain sports that we do regularly, making it even easier to just arrange the schedules and exercise accordingly. While fitness is preferred, sometimes exercising in a designated sports area is a good way to lift the workout mood, especially with friends and great facilities.

Aim High Stadium

sports gym vending machine for physioterapy clinic

Basketball and soccer are the top choices when we do team sports in Indonesia. Both have fanatic supporters, too. But with the jam-packed schedules, finding a great sport centre can be hard for people, even for those who just want to play for fun or beginners. In the middle of the busy Tangerang area, there is a cool sports centre which located around the gas station. Aim High stadium is renowned for their indoor basketball courts. The court itself is made from the hard teak wood that can minimise knee and heel injuries. We will be pumped up to play immediately as we enter Aim High stadium, wth the inviting vibes and the fancy interiors. They also claim that you don’t have to be a pro to play basketball there, so come as you are to play in the court and just have fun, as quoted from the banner there “you are your own limit”. With the great facilities, Aim High is signed with basketball teams, like ARAS and RANS, as their place to do exercises. Aside from the sports area, Aim High also have a physiotheraphy centre named Physiorehab Clinic. The clinic can be utilised for patients with injuries from sports in the hope that they will get better.

The importance of hydration

Smartven's vending machine at Gym Aim High Stadium
Smartven's vending machine at Gym Aim High Stadium

After or during working out, water or isotonic drinks can help us hydrated. Excessing the body fluids via sweats also means you have to replace the fluids, if not we will be dehydrated. According to International Society of Sports Nutrition, the academy that releases scientific information for nutritions during sports, it is suggested that we drink cold water after exercises. Cold water can be absorbed quickly so it speeds up the replacement process of the fluid, or rehydration, in our body. But it leads to another problem, we don’t always get the access to cold beverages, let alone getting a bottle of water. At Aim High, dehydration is no longer a problem as they have two vending machines right by the basketball court so players or customers can buy drinks right away. A sneak peek, they also sell the exclusively designed Aim High tshirts, make sure to snatch one!

It has been two years since Aim High partnered with Smartven. With strategically placed vending machines selling hot items that everyone needs, in no time it can be one of highlighted features of Aim High sooner or later. With this idea in mind, last month they placed a new vending machine by the physiotheraphy clinic near the gym area. It can take a few minutes to the previous two machines so it will be a problem for people in the gym area. Similar idea to the older machines placement, hopefully this new vending machine can be used to its fullest potential in keeping people hydrated.

Effective and efficient

Other than easy access to cold drinks, there are other advantages that are no less important. By selling cold drinks through this vending machine, all transactions are made even more efficient. The sale of beverages used to be carried out via traditional stalls to sell and buy, with someone who needs to wait the store and you sometimes they only accept cash. In addition, the visitors are not just players but also parents or just regular visitors. Cashless vending machines will speed up the payment process. No more waiting for change or looking for the right amount of cash. The safety of these vending machines are also guaranteed, so there is no need to guard the machines as they operate 24/7.

Conclusive note

In Indonesia, there are a lot of sports centres that can benefit from the presence of vending machines as one of the facilities. It also works as a marketing campaign tool as vending machines are not only limited to food and beverage products but also for selling brand-related products. If you have a creative idea for using Smartven like Aim High or have a product that can be sold through a smart vending machine in sports centres, you can click the button below for further consultations with Smartven. You can also check out our website and Instagram for more information. Let’s move our body, stay healthy, and see you soon!

Translation written by: Nadhiya Pradhanitasari


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