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Gift with Purchase Customization on Vending Machine in Jakarta x Beauty 2022: Part 3

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After being successfully held in Surabaya last March, the biggest beauty event organised by Female Daily is back in Jakarta. Taking place on 28 - 31 July 2022, this beauty event is much bigger in scale in the new location. Previously, Jakarta x Beauty was located at Senayan City mall, South Jakarta. However, with the great development and enthusiasm for the world of skincare and makeup today, the new location is located at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, South Jakarta.

A big change in the location is also taken as a step further from the many up-and-coming locally made beauty products. In Indonesia, local products have started to have a lot of fans these past few years. With cheaper prices than most imported products, as well as the same good quality, triggering various age groups to start being aware of their skin care routine, especially face care. In this Jakarta x Beauty event, most of Hall A and Hall B are filled with local brands. You can imagine it as a huge court hall with various promotions filled with (mostly) female visitors. But, with so many great brands out there, how do you attract customers to make the booth look more attractive?

At Jakarta x Beauty 2022, Smartven has a special coverage for brands that use vending machines during exhibitions. This event will be divided into 4 parts. Don't forget to always check the Smartven blog for the latest updates!

Promotions in shopping

As the name suggests, promotions are something you always look for when shopping. According to Shopify's Future of Commerce, 52% of consumers are immediately influenced to buy a product when a promo or discount is offered to them. Various types of promotions ranging from buy 1 get 1 free discount, 50% discount, discount vouchers for the next purchase, to cashback to digital wallets are often found.

With the society’s consumptive nature, promotions like this are usually hard to miss, especially if the time span is limited and the products are limited edition or seasonal. So don't be surprised, marketing strategies by making promotions or adding discounts to the normal selling price have always been used from the past until now, especially in the retail business. The existence of promos can indeed attract more people which will have an impact on increasing sales or adding new customers.

However, the form of promotion does not always have to be in the form of a discount. There is also a form of promotion to get free products. A real example is when applying for a membership in a store or with a brand. In the form of rewards or points, customers can get certain prizes that can be exchanged according to the amount of their shopping. The more you collect, the more varied and higher the prizes will be.

There are also prizes from stamps collected at the supermarket. Usually the gifts are interesting for housewives such as pans, pots, serving plates, to the air-fryer. After reaching a certain point, the customer can redeem the prize by paying only a small amount. For example, with 10 stamps, you can get a 12-inch pan by adding Rp. 19,900. This will definitely increase the enthusiasm of housewives to shop. Let’s say after their monthly shopping they may immediately get 10 stamps, just by adding a sheet of Rp. 20,000 they can bring home a new frying pan (but maybe next time you might have to go supervising the monthly shopping).

Free products in marketing campaigns

jakarta x beauty 2022

At Jakarta x Beauty, a few brands used the tiering method to determine the promos that visitors could get when shopping. What is this tiering method exactly? Often when we shop, there is a certain minimum nominal that can be achieved to get free gifts. Then, there are other different amounts, maybe higher, with different free gifts too. The term sometimes is called Gift with Purchase.

An example that is often found is when shopping for skincare at a department store, if you shop for Rp.1,000,000, you can get travel-size products with exclusive merchandise such as pouches or totebags worth Rp.150,000. Then if you shop for Rp.2,000,000 then the value of the free products will be higher, maybe Rp.350,000 with products that are more exclusive and not sold separately. With attractive promotions like this, customers will be more and more interested in shopping. Especially if the free product you get is the product you want to try. In all honesty, it's fun because you get a lot of freebies!

Fun shopping experience at ERHA Skincare booth at Jakarta x Beauty 2022

This tiering method was used by ERHA Skincare at Jakarta x Beauty 2022. The fun thing is, free products are not directly handed to customers but can be taken through a vending machine! A customization with Smartven, the vending machine at the ERHA Skincare booth serves as a storage to place the gift products that visitors can choose from. The trick is, with a certain level of shopping, the code shown on the receipt from purchasing the products automatically goes into the prize category at that level. After shopping, customers just need to fill in the code obtained on the shopping receipt to the vending machine screen, then a selection of free products will appear to choose from.

erha skincare gift vending machine jakarta x beauty 2022

Still can’t grasp the idea? For example, visitor A shopped at the ERHA skincare booth for Rp.150,000. After getting the code on the receipt, A then will go to the vending machine and fill in the code. Once verified, a variety of products to choose from will appear. Because there are 3 different tiers, with system customization, A is unlikely to get a reward product for higher purchases, and vice versa. Once selected, the product will be immediately picked up by A in the dispense box located at the bottom of the vending machine. Ain’t it fun?

Start developing your skincare brand

If you have started many local beauty products using vending machines at Jakarta x Beauty 2022 like this, maybe this will become a trend in the next exhibitions. If you have a skincare and makeup brand that can use a vending machine, click the button below to consult with the Smartven team. You can also check the Smartven website and Instagram for other information. Don't forget to follow the next part of Jakarta x Beauty 2022, stay healthy and see you soon!


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