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How to Boost Product Sales with Vending Machines

Vending machine owners usually have some portion of worries that their products don’t sell that well. As the products are nearing their expiration dates, owners will have to throw away the overstocked products at some point, which is a piling waste. This is even worse for the shorter shelf-life products like reheatable foods or freshly pressed juice. Oftentimes customers have cravings for some products, but the price makes them take a step back to make a purchase. We all know for a fact that people love discounts. A lower price point will definitely make your products look desirable which can also help the sales drive of these products.

Some e-commerce sites have offers that attract customers to click buy in instance, and this is mostly powered by time-limited vouchers that can be applied to cut the original price. When we know that there’s an end to these special prices, we feel that these sales appear as interesting offers, even more so when we actually need the products. But when we sell products with a vending machine, we don’t actually order them online and no specific vouchers can be applied when we want to purchase something. Then, what should you do as an owner of a vending machine?

One of the many features from Smartven’s Cloud Management System (CMS) have, is that you can control the prices of your products. The process gets even easier as you don’t have to be around the vending machine to do this. Using a web-based cloud system, you can manage the price within a certain period of time. One Time Promo and Flash Sale are two of the features under the Promo category. These promotional events are all integrated with the inventory system, so you can easily put reduced prices while managing the period of the sale.

One Time Promo

Under the Promo category on the CMS website, you can see One Time Promo. As the name indicated, you can give a promo to certain products inside your vending machine during your desired time. You can change the price, the nominal, or the amount of discount percent of your products with the dropdown menu on your vending machine product inventory count. From there, you can also set a range of time that feels good for you. For example, you want to do a lunch hour sale, so you set the bottled water as half price from 12 pm to 2 pm. During this period of time, let’s say you set the 50% discount, then automatically the vending machine will receive the information. But the one downside, you have to change the prices manually right after One Time Promo ends, as they are not repeatable (well, you can always take the hint from the one time in its name, right?)

Flash Sale

Similar to One Time Promo, this feature can be managed through the website. You probably have heard the name flash sale from e-commerce websites and some of you may have set a special alarm for when the sale is starting. From the CMS website you can put the same system to be applied to your products. Unlike One Time Promo, once you put the sale on, it is applied to every product inside your vending machine. Applying the same lunch hour sale idea from before, you can set the Flash Sale to be online from 12 pm to 2 pm every Monday to Friday, without having to set the price daily. The third menu under the Promo category is Show Flash Sale, this is where you can check your Flash Sale schedules.

So with Smartven now you can sell the products that don’t sell well to avoid them past their expiry dates. Don’t forget to update your inventories after you put your products on sale. You can click the button below and book a consultation with Smartven for further information. You can also check our website and Instagram page. Stay healthy and see you soon!


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