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How to Find A Reliable Vending Machine Seller

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Starting a business can be overwhelming. It can also be exciting at times, when you take the right steps to help your business on the path to success. In the vending machine business, you may have read tips and guides to start this business, and these tips always end in finding the right vending machine. You have to do some research for this, and it may waste your time when you’re just too excited to start the business right away. Through this article, we will help you list down things you need in order to find a reliable vending machine seller.

Manufacturer vs distributor

You can always order one from a manufacturer, where the vending machines are built from scratch. Options are, they either come from overseas or they are domestically manufactured. The downside is, both options have a higher rate of startup cost. True, you can have the customized vending machine down to its core, according to the business design you have in mind. Sometimes they also sell these machines at a relatively cheaper price when they’re from overseas, compared to domestic manufacturers. But keep in mind that shipping cost and other taxes are applied, so it will come down to a similar price. Also, depending on the shipping service you choose, it may take months to arrive. Then you also need to find a warehouse to place the machine for a while, and it will take many hands to take care. You probably have to start with how to operate the machine since no operator helps you as the machine arrives.

Alternatively, you can also choose to find a vending machine seller who distributes these machines. They usually already have the machines in their warehouses and you only have to design how the machine looks visually. They have their fixed catalogue to choose from, so you have to work around these machines to cater to your business. A reliable distributor usually has several factors that may be an advantage for your vending machine business. For example, a distributor company that has branches in different cities means your vending machine is in good service, since it denotes that they have teams in said cities and will maintain your machine’s condition, either for maintenance or restocking system. You only need to place an order, pitch your ideas, then you have your vending machine with you. Distributors usually have operators to help you operate the machine step-by-step, and to make sure the products you put in the machine are placed perfectly.

Trust and testimonials

Prior to finding the vending machine seller, you might want to check their previous partners and projects through the website. The use of social media can be useful these days, as most marketing teams place their campaigns on social media accounts to reach more audience. You can also opt for checking the company’s background if the vending machine seller is in a reseller system or a distributor. This will give you some indications on the quality of their services. If you are still not sure about the testimonials they have received, you can always ask them right away and it is a good way to measure the seller’s responsiveness. The fast replies mean they do this regularly, implying that the seller is actively receiving trusts to run their clients’ businesses.

Choices and Varieties of Products

The reliable vending machine sellers typically don’t just work with one brand only. Through their previous projects, they may have collaborations with several brands. This means you can have a chance to place these brands into your vending machine, if you want to. Say you want to start a snack vending machine, and this vending machine seller is in partnership with a well-known factory that produces snacks and drinks. Depending on your business plan, they can arrange these products to be in your machine, which in turn can also help you vending machine business earning profits faster as the products are well-known in the first place. But that doesn’t limit your business venture if you want to sell new products. A reliable vending machine seller will help you to make the machine can still manage any variety of your products. You may want to sell beauty products that have to be maintained so they don’t melt away while in storage.

Intelligence options and features

When you start the business, you may want to consider the machine’s features. You can look for vending machine sellers that have built-in features that can help you run your business much better. A smart vending machine that is connected to a Cloud system, for example, can help you check your machine, inventory statuses and your sales reports. With this option enabled, you will never have to check the machine regularly. The data generated from the machine can help you improve your vending experiences. You can analyse item sales and make it easier to pick the low-selling items so you can quickly switch products that earn better profits. You can start by looking for a vending machine seller who promotes this system. This also means this seller previously runs this system in a well-established manner.

Another option is to check the means of payment supported. Today it is much easier to pay using cashless systems, and the use of QR code can be an option. The payment system is usually interconnected with the previously mentioned smart Cloud system, so you need to double check the initial vending machine features prior to purchasing.

Final thoughts

We believe the right vending machine can help your investments be worth the while. Finding a reliable vending machine seller can be a start to make your business gain a positive return on your investment itself. Smartven offers vending machines that can help you whether you’re beginners or professionals, and able to accomodate all factors mentioned above. If you are interested in starting your vending machine business with Smartven, you can check our website and Instagram page. For faster response you can also click the button below. Stay healthy and see you soon!


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