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The Technology of Internet of Things (IoT) in Business

Internet of Things IoT bisnis

Over time, with the internet increasingly developing and a lot of innovations on technologies that may seem only possible in sci-fi films, today developers can make it actually happen. Things and devices that you may see on Star Trek films, which makes you think of the future –believe it or not–some of those are already real and functioning among us.

Now, the internet is something that cannot be separated from our lives. So many daily activities have become much easier with the help of technology and the internet. Recently, the term Internet of Things or commonly abbreviated as IoT has been popular. The existence of IoT is said to be very helpful and can help evolution in various industries. What is this Internet of Things or IoT? Let's find out more about this term and its role in the business world!

Understanding the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things or IoT is a system of interconnected computing devices equipped with an identification system, quoted from TechTarget. IoT makes it possible to transfer data over a network without requiring human or human-to-computer interaction.

In simple language, with IoT, any object that is implanted with this technology will be able to communicate, connect with each other, and exchange data with each other. All of this can happen automatically as long as the object is still connected to the internet.

The discussion of IoT is also often associated with the term machine-to-machine or abbreviated as M2M. In M2M, several machines will be connected to form a communication network. This machine-to-machine is the foundation of IoT.

What are the elements of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

internet of things IoT bisnis teknologi

The main element that must be possessed in building the Internet of Things or IoT is smart devices. However, there are several other elements to support the existence.

  • Sensor

The presence of sensors embedded in the machine acts as an identification tool. This sensor will get information from the surroundings such as images, motion, temperature, and others. The existence of sensors makes the machine a non-passive and integrated machine.

  • Connectivity

A connection is needed to assist the passage of information that goes through inside the machine. Stable connectivity is also required. Many machine developers create their own networks to specifically apply to an IoT device.

  • Artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence

This artificial intelligence system is programmed into a machine so that the machine can think, act, and make decisions just like how humans would. This intelligence is in charge of collecting data as well as designing and developing machine algorithms.

Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things IoT bisnis robot rumah sakit
Promobot, robots in Russian's hospitals (source:

The sophistication of the development of IoT has helped a lot in human daily life. Now, IoT machines and humans are able to coexist. What are the examples of the Internet of Things or IoT?

  • Healthcare

As the technology develops, types of diseases in the world are also developing as well. This makes the healthcare industry require sophisticated and fast tools. In Russia, there are robots in hospitals whose job is to help doctors and nurses check on patients' conditions. This robot has been programmed to also detect blood pressure and body temperature.

  • Transportation

The many types of transportation today makes it clear that the technology used in it must also be sophisticated. Do you often see cool cars on the streets with fully automatic features? With IoT, there are now cars that can park and even run on their own without needing to be driven. We can just fill in the destination address and the car will follow the map.

  • Residential houses

Not only in public places, IoT has been implemented into devices that make our daily lives easier at home. Have you ever heard of the term smart home? Usually, almost all the equipment in this house is filled with devices that implement the IoT system. Examples are lights that turn on at certain hours, security systems on doors, and many others.

Internet of Things (IoT) in the business world

Seeing how IoT can help the development of other industries, of course we can be sure that the business industry will be the most benefited by this technology. Companies are leveraging the Internet of Things or IoT for efficient office operations, improving customer relationships, and providing consumers with a better shopping experience. There are also those who use IoT to assist in making business decisions and looking for ways to increase profits.

Some of the uses of IoT in business in general are to increase business productivity and to use resources efficiently. Many simple tasks are currently being diverted to machines so that human resources in the office can focus on doing more complex things. Because IoT can speed up work, the costs incurred by the company, for example during the production process, will be less.

Vending machine business development with IoT

fitur yang menerapkan IoT di vending machine
IoT features in Vending Machine

In business, the product is not the most important thing. Service is also the main thing in developing and increasing the income of consumers as well. Some of the benefits of the Internet of Things or IoT that we discussed earlier can be applied through smart vending machines.

We are usually familiar with traditional vending machines that only accept cash and sell canned drinks only. Currently, there are smart vending machines that have various advanced features to make it easier to use. How can we integrate a smart vending machine with the benefits of IoT? Let's take a look at the various 'smart' features of the machine.

  • Smart payments

We no longer need to bother carrying the right amount of cash to buy at the vending machine. Transactions on machines can now be done via cashless using various e-wallets. Customers only need to scan the QR code on the machine, then complete the payment on their mobile phones.

  • Smart inventory management

This feature is certainly beneficial for business owners. With IoT technology, distributors can monitor the amount of product stock that is in the machine. There is also complete sales data along with which products are purchased the most and many other data. All this data is accessible with the website. Of course, data like this is very beneficial for making business strategies and optimising the ordering of goods to be sold in machines.

  • Shopping is more personal

Many consumers today prioritise shopping activities that feel personal. On the machine screen, various interactive games can be added to attract visitors' interest. You can also add a reward system if they buy from a vending machine. All information entered in the machine can be used for future business development.

  • Digital content channel

Smart vending machines currently use a touch screen. In addition to providing convenience for use, the touch screen can also be filled with the customised visual media. This screen can act as a mini billboard that can display promotional advertisements about the brand.

Combining IoT in your business

The rapid development of IoT at this time certainly can not be missed. Make your business steps ahead with competitors by starting with selling products with vending machines. Grow your business and apply IoT technology innovations with vending machines. As a result, you can get many benefits, such as an automated retail business to offline stores that can be placed anywhere you want.

If you also have a business and want to build an offline store with a vending machine, or if you have any ideas with vending machines, you can click the button below to schedule your consultation with the Smartven team. You can also check ourwebsite andInstagram page for more information on Smartven. Stay healthy and see you soon!

English translation by: Nadhiya Pradhanitasari


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