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Easier Access for Taking PCR Tests with Nusantics' O2O (Online-to-Offline)

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The word 'PCR test' is sure to make you shiver. Especially when reading the news lately the rate of COVID-19 cases has started to rise again. The anxiety of returning back to crowds again, cleaning hands diligently, well, basically all health protocols are tightened again. Unfortunately, going for a PCR test usually gets complicated. The trip to the laboratory or clinic takes time, especially with the traffic jams. Not to mention the long queues there. During the test, we tend to get trauma whenever the swab stick enters our noses. Just the thought of getting a test can get us cold sweat. Is there perhaps an easier way to run this PCR test?

Surely there is an effective way to take a PCR test in this advanced era like today. Previously, Nusantics issued an innovation to carry out a plug-free PCR test with the PCR Kumur PUMU. You can easily go to the nearest Nusantics to buy this PUMU kit directly from the vending machine. The PCR test procedure is also very easy, with the Nusantics team available to assist you in the process. The results of the gargle are directly stored in the cooler box to keep it fresh until later processed in their lab.

But what if we are far from the Nusantics vending machine location and need PUMU quickly? Check out this article, for more information!

O2O or online-to-offline concept

O2O or Online to Offline is a business strategy to unite the offline world and the online world. Similar to omnichannel, the way O2O works is quite easy and still involves the customer actively. The system works like this: the customer orders products online and then picks up the products that have been purchased at the selected store locations.

bertransaksi online to offline

With the proliferation of platforms for online shopping in recent years, such as e-commerce and MSME businesses through social media, Indonesians are getting used to the convenience of online shopping. Especially with various kinds of discounts and relatively cheaper shipping costs, online shopping has become a habit for people with busy lifestyles.

Many businesses also use online stores to reach customers who don't have much access to malls or their business locations. With the development of today's technology, offline and online shopping can complement each other.

Technology in society

In Indonesia itself, some of the common O2Os are through minimarkets or special pick-up points, which still require human labour. For example, Budi ordered 1 carton of milk at well-known e-commerce A because the price was much cheaper than the supermarket. Then Budi chose to pick up his shopping at a registered minimarket which happened to be near his address. He just needs to show the code to verify his pick up. Another example is when Ratna ordered a book through the website of a well-known bookstore. To cut shipping costs, Ratna chooses to pick it up directly at the bookstore she chooses. While it is still an example of O2O, it is not fully automated.

In the example of Budi and Ratna, after showing the QR codes, they must then wait for the code to be verified by the shopkeeper before their product is found in the storage area. Instead of getting things quickly, they have to wait. Not to mention if there is a long queue. Even so, this automated O2O system is still rare. Obstacles such as confusing machine usage instructions, internet networks that are not very fast, and the amount of data that must be filled in when ordering online often make people quite sceptical of a system like this.

The latest breakthrough from Nusantics

The use of O2O is widely used for products that can survive at room temperature. Therefore, most of the products that can be sold using this system are in the form of dry food and drinks, clothing to products related to hobbies. Health products unfortunately still need to be maintained in quality so some need to be stored at the right temperature. Then, is there a solution to sell health products with an O2O system?

The use of a vending machine is the right way to choose for products that need to be of the best quality. With adjustable temperature, the products inside the machine are guaranteed its freshness to avoid being damaged. Starting from this idea, Nusantics then sold PUMU PCR tests through vending machines. But it doesn't stop there, by combining O2O and vending systems, Nusantics produces its newest innovation with Smartven.

At the beginning of the article there is a question: what if we are far from the Nusantics vending machine location and need PUMU quickly? Well, if you are at home, of course you can have it delivered to your home. However, it will be difficult if you are out-and-about and suddenly have to do a PCR test. Don't worry, the latest version of the Nusantics vending machine can now make it easier for you.

Online through the Nusantics website, you can fill in your personal data, make payments online and choose the nearest PUMU vending machine point to pick up PUMU and perform a PCR test, for example at a minimarket in Kemang, South Jakarta as shown in this YouTube video. After arriving at the location, all you have to do is scan the QR code you get. Without waiting, the confirmed code will issue a PUMU PCR test together with a sticker label to be attached to the sample bottle of the test results to avoid being swapped. The Nusantics team is also on site to assist in the process of taking tests to store samples. You can continue your activities and just wait for the test results to be sent by Nusantics. Very innovative and practical, right? Starting from the registration which is quite easy and can be done online upon arriving at the location, the retrieval system that allows you to choose the nearest pick up location and a simple collection process with a QR scan, to the stress-free no nose-swabbing PCR test.

It's time to start a new business

Like Nusantics, this automated O2O system can be used in other businesses that can make it easier for Indonesians to grow with the latest technological innovations. If you want your business to use a vending machine to implement this O2O system, or have an interesting idea to implement O2O using a vending machine, just click the button below this article to consult the Smartven team. Also visit the Smartven website to see prices for purchasing or renting vending machines and also our Instagram page for interesting information about vending machines. Stay healthy and see you soon!


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