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Beauty Vending Machines at Jakarta x Beauty 2022: Part 4

jakarta x beauty 2022 street interview vending machine kosmetik dan skincare

After being successfully held in Surabaya last March, the biggest beauty event organised by Female Daily is back in Jakarta. Taking place on 28 - 31 July 2022, this beauty event is much bigger in scale in the new location. Previously, Jakarta x Beauty was located at Senayan City mall, South Jakarta. However, with the great development and enthusiasm for the world of skincare and makeup today, the new location is located at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, South Jakarta.

A big change in the location is also taken as a step further from the many up-and-coming locally made beauty products. In Indonesia, local products have started to have a lot of fans these past few years. With cheaper prices than most imported products, as well as the same good quality, triggering various age groups to start being aware of their skin care routine, especially face care. In this Jakarta x Beauty event, most of Hall A and Hall B are filled with local brands. You can imagine it as a huge court hall with various promotions filled with (mostly) female visitors. But, with so many great brands out there, how do you attract customers to make the booth look more attractive?

At Jakarta x Beauty 2022, Smartven has a special coverage for brands that use vending machines during exhibitions. This article is the final part of the series. Don't forget to always check the Smartven blog for previous articles!

Vending machine at Jakarta x Beauty 2022

jakarta x beauty 2022 poster

The use of vending machines for beauty products has recently become popular. Starting with selling makeup products such as lipstick, powder and others, selling skincare using a vending machine is also gaining a lot of interest. At Jakarta x Beauty 2022, quite a number of brands used vending machines in their booths with various functions.

Previously done as a Street Interview, we are curious to what extent the involvement of vending machines in Indonesia, especially in events like Jakarta x Beauty 2022. This short Q&A was conducted in the area around the booth that uses the Smartven vending machine as a tool for selling and as a tool for marketing campaigns. There are 5 (five) brands that use vending machines, namely Wardah, Skin Game, Haple, Oasea, and ERHA Skincare.

A total of 4 (four) to 5 (five) questions were asked to each respondent. The number of questions depended on the location of the vending machine booth, which is divided into 2 (two) types, as a selling tool (Wardah, Skin Game and Haple), or as a marketing campaign (Oasea and ERHA Skincare). The questions asked are in the form of basic knowledge, namely:

  1. Experience using vending machines,

  2. The first impression upon seeing a vending machine,

  3. Use of vending machines to sell beauty products,

  4. Visitors' expectations of vending machines in Indonesia in the future, and

  5. Specific questions to a certain vending machine.

Vending machine experience and first impressions

Visitors were asked if they had ever used a vending machine and their experience if they had used it. A small number answered that they had used a vending machine. As explained by one of the visitors at a Haple booth, she has a vending machine in her office building.

The initial impression that is often mentioned with the word vending machine is cool and practical. They think that shopping without going directly to the cashier is way much faster. In addition, if it turns out that the product offered can only be purchased online, but can be purchased quickly from a vending machine, of course it doesn't have to take 1-2 days for delivery, according to one visitor.

The use of vending machines for beauty products

With the theme of the biggest beauty event, it certainly won't be far from shopping for beauty products. Most visitors are interested in shopping using a vending machine at the booth they visit, because it is more practical and does not have to wait in long queues at the cashier. Many brands have a system for filling out the desired product form to show to the cashier. Visitors have to queue to be able to pay and pick up their products, which is not a little to be jostled with other visitors.

Besides being more practical, the use of vending machines also maintains the ideal temperature for the products being sold. One visitor was even surprised that the skincare products he bought were cool and not at room temperature as displayed on the display booth table. Other visitors also thought that the beauty products being sold looked more attractive when displayed in the vending machine because they looked neater, more modern, and untouched by many people. It's a benefit in this pandemic condition, right?

Vending machine sebagai media marketing campaign

Pada event ini, vending machine juga digunakan sebagai alat marketing campaign. Pada booth Oasea, pengunjung diharuskan menjalankan langkah-langkah khusus sebelum menggunakan vending machine, salah satunya adalah mengupload suasana booth Oasea dan vending machine mereka. Salah satu pengunjung berhasil mendapatkan hadiah berupa serum setelah menjawab pertanyaan dengan benar. Menurut pengunjung ini, yang sama sekali belum pernah menggunakan vending machine, bermain dan mendapat hadiah seperti ini seru sekali.

Penggunaan lainnya adalah sistem tiering atau pemberian hadiah sesuai tingkat nominal pembelanjaan dari pengunjung, seperti yang diterapkan oleh ERHA Skincare. Impresi dari pengunjung yang menggunakan vending machine ini awalnya masih bingung dan harus dipandu oleh sales assistant booth ERHA Skincare. Menurut mereka, ternyata free product yang bisa didapat bisa dipilih, tidak random seperti hadiah pada umumnya, dan ini dianggap cukup menarik karena hadiah sesuai yang diinginkan. Beberapa pengunjung bahkan terlihat mendokumentasikan kegiatan redeem hadiah mereka di vending machine dan membagikannya di sosial media.

Harapan terhadap vending machine di Indonesia

Sebagian besar pengunjung memiliki harapan besar agar vending machine semakin banyak bermunculan di Indonesia. Dengan adanya mesin-mesin canggih ini, mereka menginginkan kenyamanan dalam berbelanja lebih cepat, baik untuk kebutuhan sehari-hari seperti makanan dan minuman, sampai obat-obatan dan produk kecantikan. Para pengunjung ingin Indonesia semakin maju dengan tersedianya vending machine di pinggir jalan, di daerah perkantoran, sampai pusat perbelanjaan. Munculnya vending machine saat Jakarta x Beauty 2022 ini pun semakin membuat para pengunjung berekspektasi lebih tinggi karena desainnya yang menarik-menarik.

Start developing your skincare brand

If you have started many local beauty products using vending machines at Jakarta x Beauty 2022 like this, maybe this will become a trend in the next exhibitions. If you have a skincare and makeup brand that can use a vending machine, click the button below to consult with the Smartven team. You can also check the Smartven website and Instagram for other information. Don't forget to follow the next part of Jakarta x Beauty 2022, stay healthy and see you soon!


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