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Unboxing Vending Machine Mystery Box which is going viral on TikTok

I will discuss one of the unique vending machines in Jakarta. One of the vending machines, whose products are full of surprises, is unpredictable and is going viral on TikTok.

I will discuss it in full and in detail. Starting from the customization process, in terms of software, the racks used, and much more. So, go ahead

1. Rack Assembly

This Vending Machine Mystery Box uses Spiral Double. because they use a box with a wider size. So by setting up one vending machine using a double spiral with 6 shelves and each spiral slot having 5 boxes, this one machine can accommodate 150 Mystery Boxes

2. Screen

So from the mystery box engine using the SV 22 engine (Smartven 22). 22 It is the size of the screen on the machine which is 22 Inch. The customization of this Mystery Box screen is the Header. The header is a section located at the top of the screen. This header can be replaced with a static image or video. Footer is the part of the photo or space located at the bottom of the machine screen display. Footer can be replaced with the appropriate static image or want to be displayed by the Mystery Box.

3. Product Image & Color Code

The product photo is the part on the screen that displays the image of the Mystery Box product. In the Mystery Box itself the photo uses a box image with a question mark. The appearance of the User Interface in terms of color also uses colors that match the Mystery Box brand identity.

4. Camera

The Mystery Box machine uses a surveillance camera inside the machine. This is done to monitor security and activities that occur in front of the machine. In addition, the Mystery Box wants to count how many people transact and see the expressions of people who use the Mystery Box vending machine.

5. Payment Method

If we look at some Smartven machines, they can use non-cash payments via scans of GoPay, Ovo and other e-wallets. The Mystery Box machine, according to the request, only uses the cash payment method. So, people who want to transact on this machine must prepare enough cash.

6. Form Survey Page

One more thing, the customization that we do for Mystery Box is the survey form. This survey form will appear when the user finishes the transaction at the vending machine. This Survey Form will immediately update which will be monitored directly by the Mystery Box team. Do you want to have a vending machine like a mystery box? Or do you have other ideas for your business or event with a vending machine? just click on the button below!


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