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What is a vending machine? | Vending Expert Series Ep. 1

With the appearance of vending machines in Indonesia lately, many people are starting to be interested with what this machine is about and how it works. On that note, Smartven started a new form of informative series on vending machines titled Vending Expert Series. The series with more or less 2-minutes long will be in the format of asking questions to the vending machine expert, and hopefully can help people understand better about vending machines in a less text-book way. The first episode will cover the basic question of “what is a vending machine?”. Let’s take a look.

What is a vending machine?

Vending machine similarly works as a store representative of products. When we want to purchase products at stores, we can browse the products directly. A vending machine is a more compact way to display products without the need to have an actual storefront. Originally known as a machine that sells food and beverage, now vending machines can sell beauty products like cosmetics and skincare, and even digital products like top-up machines.

Smart vending machine features

Purchasing a product can never be separated from payment methods. At stores, we have different types of payments that we can choose, ranging from paying with cash, cards and QR codes. Vending machines adapt the same method, with a built-in payment system on the body of the machine. Smartven allows two types of payment methods, cash and cashless with QR code. For cash payment, the bill acceptor can be seen under the LCD screen, and will validate the banknote upon purchasing. Paying with QR code is already supported with QRIS, so the code accepts most of the major online banking systems in Indonesia. Another feature is the dashboard where owners can monitor and control the vending machine remotely via a web-based management system. As the machine is connected to the internet, it is much more accessible to check the machine regularly.

The weekly series will cover more interesting topics about vending machines, so make sure to check the video on Smartven’s YouTube channel, and give it a thumbs up, comment, subscribe and share the video! You can always check our website and Instagram page for more information. Stay healthy and see you in the next episode!

Translation written by: Nadhiya Pradhanitasari


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