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Smartven x Gojek x Plasticpay: Rewardable Recycling

Just like regular recycling, but better.

recycling plastics
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It is an undeniable fact that sustainable living is the lifestyle that we urgently need to apply. Unknowingly, we tend to leave waste everyday. Most things that we buy everyday are either packaged in plastics, or the ever popular PET-bottles. Bottled drinks, plastic cups from the famous coffee shops or boba drink ateliers, and even household products are sold in plastic bottles. This creates more waste, even more so with how the majority of people in Indonesia are not well-accustomed to recycling in general. Most people don’t even separate their waste, so these plastics are still collected inside the same trash bag with wet waste. Plastic is a material that may take at least 400 years to be fully recycled. Now you get to thinking that the bottled drink you had today will still be in the same form 4 centuries later, when your body is most probably decaying somewhere in the ground. Sounds bleak, but that’s what we currently do to the Earth. But it is still better to recycle than never.

With the slow progress of recycling in a land with lots of waste, plastic waste in Indonesia reaches 64 million tons per year, with 3.2 million tons of this waste is found in the ocean. This issue has been raised for a long time, from environmental activists to household members who apply zero-waste living, to skincare brands that voice their concerns through marketing campaigns. The problem is, some people still think that trash will disappear over time, like it can just poof and disappear once we dispose of it. Again, waste segregation is important for this issue, because it can lead to another problem. Wet trash, if not managed properly can invite vermin, which is a public health hazard. So solving the waste problem is not possible just by hoarding it, and as time goes by it will lead to air pollution. The air is already in worse condition with the current number of vehicles, no need to add more. One small step to aid in this issue, is to do better in separating trash and do more recycling.

In the light of hope in environment

Plasticpay is a glimmer of hope for the future of the environment. This digital platform-based social company works by collecting plastic bottle waste from people which can be exchanged with points. They will then recycle this waste into Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (Re-PSF or rPET) in the form of yarn and fabric. This recycled product can be used as high-quality fabrics and fibres. This innovation has gained thousands of users upon application, in February 2022 alone the total plastic bottles that Plasticpay has collected reached 27 tons. Public awareness can be seen significantly increasing in contribution to sorting waste. In collecting waste, Plasticpay uses a reverse vending machine (RVM). It is called Reverse because we usually feed money to vending machines to get products, but instead we get money from the machine when we put in our plastic trash. To start recycling, we can download the Plasticpay app. After scanning the QR code shown, the plastic bottles then can be thrown into the machine. Plasticpay will count the number of the bottle and customers are rewarded with points that can also be exchanged with electronic money.

An exciting collaboration

The role in waste management certainly increases the company's value in fulfilling the SDGs values ​​or also known as sustainable development, especially in numbers 12 and 17 which mean responsible consumption, production and proper sanitation. Therefore, to reach more users, Plasticpay is continuously collaborating with other companies. The recent innovation that Plasticpay brought was its collaboration with Gojek, and partnering with Smartven that brings a "reverse vending machine x top up vending machine" system. This machine is placed at Hypermart Mall Bali Galeria. The difference from the usual Plasticpay machines, before we exchange the bottles, we can first top up the balance on the machine and enter the registered mobile number. The top up procedure can be done by inserting cash into the bill acceptor on the machine. This technology makes it easier for visitors who need a way to top up quickly without having to go to minimarts or a bank. It is also beneficial for users because this electronic money can be used to shop for other things, especially at malls which usually offer many discounts through the GoPay payment system. The machine itself is using a fully-customised Smartven with a 43-inch LED touch screen. Besides the catchy large screen, the visual of the machine is also unique with GoPay's signature blue colour complimenting the design of the machine body.

One step ahead

This creative way of collecting waste is certainly welcomed by the community because the reverse vending machine system allows them to recycle and in return, they are rewarded with money. It is a unique business breakthrough that also has an important role in protecting the environment. Indonesia itself is still far behind in terms of waste management compared to other countries, therefore the Smartven machine brought by Plasticpay and Gojek is something to be proud of and is expected to be an inspiration for other companies. Of course, a positive step like this is a development as well as good marketing for a business, it can also make a business stand out from the others. If you have a creative idea for using this machine or have a product that can be sold through a smart vending machine, you can click the button below to conduct further consultations with Smartven. You can also check out our website and Instagram for more information. Let’s sustain the environment, stay healthy, and see you soon!


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